Chile Text
U.S. Text
1. Initial Provisions
2. General Definitions
3. National Treatment and Market Access for Goods
U.S. General Notes
U.S. Tariff Schedule
Chile General Notes
Chile Tariff Schedule
4. Rules of Origin and Origin Procedures
Annex: Product-Specific Rules of Origin
5. Customs Administration
6. Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures
7. Technical Barriers to Trade
8. Trade Remedies
9. Government Procurement
10. Investment
11. Cross-Border Trade in Services
12. Financial Services
13. Telecommunications
14. Temporary Entry for Business Persons
15. Electronic Commerce
16. Competition Policy, Designated Monopolies, and State Enterprises
17. Intellectual Property Rights
18. Labor
19. Environment
20. Transparency
21. Administration of the Agreement
22. Dispute Settlement
23. Exceptions
24. Final Provisions
Chile Text
U.S. Text
Annex I (Services/Investment Non-Conforming Measures)
Formatting Note
U.S. Measures
Chilean Measures
Annex II (Services/Investment Non-Conforming Measures)
Formatting Note
U.S. Measures
Chilean Measures
Annex III (Financial Services Non-Conforming Measures)
U.S. Formatting Note
U.S. Measures (Banking)
U.S. Measures (Insurance)
Chile Formatting Note and Measures
Side Letters
Side Letter on Professional Services
Side Letter on Local Agents
Side Letter on Television
Side Letter on Annex 14.3
Side Letter on Annex 14.3(D)
Side Letter on Poultry

In addition to the actual text of the FTA, see also a summary of the agreement and the following documents associated with its approval by Congress under the special terms of trade promotion authority:

The Bush administration's proposed text of the U.S. implementing legislation for the agreement
The actual text of the "United States-Chile Free Trade Agreement Implementation Act" (H.R.2738) as introduced on July 15, 2003(incorporating changes suggested by congressional committees) and approved by the House of Representatives on July 24, 2003 and the Senate on July 31, 2003
A section-by-section analysis of the bill
The draft and final versions of the "Statement of Administrative Action"
Required reports regarding exploitive child labor, labor rights, the agreement's environmental and employment impacts, and the impact on state and local governments.
The plan to implement and enforce the agreement.
The required statements on "How The United States-Chile Free Trade Agreement Makes Progress in Achieving U.S. Purposes, Policies, Objectives, and Priorities" and "How the United States-Chile Free Trade Agreement Serves the Interests of United States Commerce"

For the implementation of the agreement, see President Bush's Proclamation 7746 bringing the agreement into effect. See also the U.S. International Trade Commission's supplement to the Harmonized Tariff Schedule listing the changes needed to implement the U.S.-Chile FTA; these are reflected in the 2004 edition of the schedule.